Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Tuesday, January 22

With two days of discussion and resource materials in hand, the Canadian coaching team departed this afternoon for our northern posts wishing each other safe travels and a productive work experience.   Through our discussion this morning on mobilizing members to save more money, capital management, lending management and human resource development, we conclude that the credit unions in Uganda have a great deal of potential to benefit rom the knowledge transfer that is about to occur.

My coaching partner, Dixie, and I have arrived at our destination in Masindi.  We are settled into a smaller hotel in a quiet corner of this small community.  The only sound we are hearing outside tonight is crickets chirping which is a refreshing change from the constant noise there is in Kampala.

Our host for the next 8 days is David, a field officer for the Uganda Co-operative Alliance.  He is a great source of information about Uganda and the socio-economic realities for the people living here .  During the drive to Masindi this afternoon, we discussed the average wages for various jobs in the country.  Doctors are paid very little at about $230 Canadian dollars per month;  teachers are paid less at about $150 per month; and police officers are paid the least at about $75 per month.  Working Canadians should all feel very lucky with the compensation levels that have been achieved!
Another friend, Rosemary from the Women's Mentoring program, shared with me that many Ugandans are living below the poverty line which is defined here as not able to get at least one meal per day. 

The need for a viable, sustainable solution is great.  Credit unions and co-ops are making inroads in meeting those needs.  I am so happy to be a part of the solution!

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